Dance Space offers a different take on the classical beauty of
ballet for dance lovers.


Our  mission

is to create a distinctive and unique learning experience for every student. Dance Space aims to provide a conductive environment so that students can enjoy ballet training and the performing of arts in dance.


Our vision

 is to produce high-standard dance performances, promote the appreciation for all forms of dances and to contribute to the fostering of dance art in the Malaysian society.


Our aspiration

is to nurture students to be involved in theatre and dance art throughout their lives, to pursue higher education in the arts medium and eventually, to begin a career in the arts and dance industry.

In over 20 years, Dance Space has become a well-established ballet training centre in Malaysia. Classical ballet and the appreciation of the arts in dances are creating awareness and becoming more popular in the society now. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to contribute and play an important role in the evolution of the arts in dances in Malaysia.

Nowadays, performing arts is beginning to be appreciated by our society and its progress will ultimately make a difference to future generations. When younger generations are nurtured and supported with the knowledge of the arts, it will further enhance their creativity and imagination.

Thank you very much for twenty years of undying inspiration, progressive growth and unfailing support. We look forward to many more productive years of progressive advancement of Dance Space in cultivating future Malaysian dancers to shine on both local and international arenas.